Saturday, September 01, 2007

What's in a name?

For the first time in a while I’ve had comments deleted from another blog; it’s not that I’m upset (as it’s obviously entirely up to the blogger, what s/he allows on a blog), it’s just funny given the name of the blog, i.e. Show-Me the Argument, as the deleted comments were just arguments in defence of the one (rather sad by itself) comment that wasn’t deleted!
......In brief, Christopher posted the following question: “Let us suppose that S has good reason to believe “p is not plausible”. Can S also have good reason to believe p?” Since it’s obviously true that if S gives p a low subjective probability (or finds p implausible) then S cannot rationally give p a high subjective probability (or believe p), hence I chose (not uncharitably) to interpret the question more broadly, in a variety of ways. Now, it’s totally fair that, since I was therefore answering an irrelevant question (in abundance), my comments were deleted, but why not all of them? Why would someone leave in (at the time of posting) that one, rather sad comment of mine, and Andrew’s two replies (to my comments), when those comprised (a somewhat unbalanced) part of an irrelvevant argument? (I’m not really bothered but I’ve noticed, in the past, that blogs need to contain some colour occasionally, alongside their true observations and balanced arguments, so I’m hoping that this short rant will satisfy my readers’ bloodlusts:)

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