Friday, April 30, 2010

Eternity, Mawson's belief and Cantor's paradox

My answer to Tim Mawson's argument for God being timeless, which I've been writing for two years, is currently the following Google Doc (updated August 18): Eternity, Mawson's belief and Cantor's paradox. I defend Presentism under Anselmian theism, and use Cantor's paradox to argue that God is, if He exists, able to increase His knowledge, and hence is able to change, rather than being timeless (unless logic is even less standard than it is under Presentism); and since I also argue that, even so, He could be omniscient, in the usual sense of knowing all truths, I am also answering one of Patrick Grim's arguments against an omniscient being. And since Mawson's argument was directly against Open theism, given that we have Libertarian (agent-causal) freedom, so I am defending Open theism (specifically the second of Alan Rhoda's three varieties).