Friday, December 13, 2019

Alternative Facts

Has Boris's "Get Brexit Done" position just been endorsed by the British people?

Not really: 52% of the votes were for pro-Remain parties,
and only 48% were for pro-Leave parties, the reverse of the result of the original referendum (via Sky News). Although this was an election, not a referendum, it was a Brexit-dominated election. And the original referendum was not what it was widely taken to be:

Cameron promised to be bound by the original referendum result, but he immediately resigned upon hearing what it was. And that referendum was, in many ways, flawed, even as a measure of the will of the British people which is all that it was in itself. The winning side was found to have cheated a little. And some of the votes for Brexit were votes by racists, for what they took to be a racist policy. Since the winning margin was not that great, the question is raised: should cheating, and the wishes of racists, have been allowed to determine our country's future?

Another interesting statistic is that, although Jeremy and Jo are resigning, having lost the election, their parties got 32.2% and 11.6% of the votes, which add up to (43.8%) more than Boris's party's (43.6%).

And another interesting statistic is:
2005 — Lab vote share in England, 35%
               Lab seats in England, 286

2019 — Lab vote share in England, 34%
               Lab seats in England, 180 (via The Outside)

Wednesday, December 11, 2019


A moo oozes out
of a cow's mouth, in a fog
that is not too odd.