Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Porpoise of Life

...dreams of swimming through the seas of language... I weave these words into the World Wide Web, but why? To catch the attention of the wise, perhaps (I’ll be hosting the Carnival in August), or to clear out an overcrowding head, ready for the start of my serious studies (I’ll have to start posting on Continuity soon), or just to clarify my thoughts (which always surprises me): E.g. I’ve used the word ‘agnostic’ (about p) to mean something like knowing (or believing) that one neither knows p nor knows not-p, but it seems (from an interminable debate about kinds of atheism on the ScienceBlogs) that it can also mean knowing (or believing) that one cannot ever know p or not-p. It makes me wonder what I’ve been saying (and whether possible worlds can help to clarify that). Anyway I ought to leave myself a memo about the Philosophy Carnival in August (so start thinking now!), which will favour stuff related, in some way, to the Philosophy of Mathematics (and of Sciences, Logics, mathematical philosophy and so forth), whatever such words mean. When I use them, I have various ideas about what they are likely to mean, in the back of my head, and one such posit is that they mean what their most authoritative users take them to mean, which is confusing for we who find such authors especially obscure. Anyway speaking of possible worlds, what if water is actually the platonistic shadow of a spirit-dragon; is that not possible (for all we know for sure)? But then ‘water’ might refer to Mathematics in some other possible world, if such was the shadow of that self-same spirit-dragon there (much as ‘Bob’ might refer to a rabbit, if Bob reincarnates as a bunny). So, XYZ might be Mathematics?!

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