Monday, July 16, 2007

More Carnivals

The day of the 50th Philosophers' Carnival, and time to use the carnival submission form to tell me of interesting posts related to the philosophy of mathematics (or the philosophies of logic and science) and mathematical philosophy, which is the use of mathematics (including formal logics, probabilities and scientific models) to tackle any philosophical topic.
......I don't want to exclude any interesting stuff, so any recent post will be considered, but the more mathematical it is the more extensively will “recent” be taken, and the less exceptionally interesting it will have to be. Your post doesn't need to be anything earth-shattering - it just needs to be something that other philosophically-minded people might enjoy reading.
......At the moment I'm thinking about the Burali-Forti paradox, as I'm reading All Things Indefinitely Extensible (from the book being reviewed over on Logic Matters). (PS, July 19 sees the 12th Philosophia Naturalis.)


Jared said...

When is your deadline? I've got an entry in mind; I've just got to write it.

Enigman said...

Friday the 3rd of August is my preferred deadline, but I'll check my inbox the following Monday, before posting the Carnival. (I had 2 entries yesterday, so I presume that Monday itself is too late.)

Adrian said...

Just to clarify, are you accepting any non-mathematical posts? May I send you a report on a metaethics conference?

Enigman said...

So long as it's not a boring conference. I'll just be partitioning the posts mathematically (and wishing for lots in that area).