Friday, October 12, 2007

Fried Egg Thoughts

Following on from my unrecorded "When Stay?" and "Thirsty" thoughts (more suited to social-spacial bars than this cyber-spacial web:) this morning I'm thinking about fried eggs. Most obviously, my gut feeling about them is that they are substantial things; which brings me (how could it not?) to the metaphysical hypothesis of David Lewis: basically that what exists are spaciotemporal points with random physical properties. I think he would let my normal gut feelings legitimize my talk of eggs being substantial (much as scientific practice legitimizes realistic talk of electrons; which is presumably why empiricists find his conceptual analyses attractive); but it strikes me as obvious, this morning, that his ideas are like those of a crazy rationalist: e.g., wouldn't they allow transubstantiation just as easily (were our culture only slightly different)? So it's a mystery to me, why philosophers (who tend to be fans of science) are such fans of his analyses...

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