Sunday, October 07, 2007

Sundae Thoughts

(the following is (rather lazily (well, it is Sunday)) from a comment on Richard's recent post, relating to the thought that were there a good God, things would be better than they are (whence there is no such God)) ...So, think of what is basically a red triangle, except that one of its sides is bent, and the colour is a bit dingy at the edges—is it just a crap triangle, and why is it red? Or is it just one segment of a perfectly shaped circle, coloured with all the colours of the rainbow (which might itself be only one slice through a sphere etc.)... Naturally we ask why things are not more perfect = simple if they had a perfect Creator, but since things would be part of a more complex whole, which would be perfect in a bigger and better way, were we like brains in vats—had we been Created—hence I'm wondering why the former attitude seems (not just natural but) apposite (and if your answer is Occam's Razor then I'm especially interested in why that would apply:)

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