Friday, October 19, 2007

Venus = Aphrodite

I picked a topic and asked Martina about philosophy. Not her philosophy— just philosophy. She gave me examples of the sort of the thing philosophers got up to. Like, how can you tell that the Morning Star and the Evening Star are really the same thing? I bounced back by saying that surely they weren't the same thing; even if they shared a parent company they were still two separate titles and would therefore be considered quite distinct for budgeting and tax purposes and so on.
From Martin Amis's Money (via akman's comment on Lucky Jim:)

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Anonymous said...

Guys come on first u should study algebra " Fields"

z=zahlen in german
how ever f:R----->R

therefore there is no square root for -1
but if u define f from C to C " complex numbers

then sqrt(-1)=i
and its ok
then 1+1=0
in Zaheln or F2
or in functions as i explained before