Saturday, May 02, 2009

Enigman at the Crossroads

Tiring of blogging (not so much reading others, as posting my own), it's time for Enigman to retire. There's a local conference in a couple of months, but even if that inspires me with any interesting thoughts, they'd be hopeless for blogging purposes. It seems to take me months to make my thoughts coherent. Incidentally, a lot of my links will stop working soon, as my web-pages are on Geocities, which is closing this summer. I may move those web-pages to this site, probably after re-writing them (most were written a few years ago). The other thing I'll be doing this summer is starting to study theology properly (and catch up on my reading). My philosophical interests were re-ignited ten years ago, via the metaphysics of mathematics, but were nearly quenched by professional analytical philosophy (with few exceptions, e.g. Iris Murdoch). Anyway, thanks for the comments, which made trying my hand at blogging worthwhile.

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Natalia said...

Hi, how can I contact you?

I want to start, a list of philosophy BLOGS. A small presentation of the thing, a library or address book. But one question I don't know is, how to contact people through blogs, I'm not familiar with this medium.

If time permits, I want you to make a post here,

It will get stickied and start a list of philosophy blogs. You could write a small intro too, like "Here is a index and library of PHILOSOPHY blogs ...."

Already an index of BBS is here,

Kind regards,

- Niki