Friday, May 11, 2007

Is my Red your Blue?

Prima facie such a question is unanswerable in principle, because we cannot look at things through others’ minds. And yet, suppose there is at least one telepath in this Universe who can, and who could tell us the answer. Or suppose that God exists (unlikely as that may seem) and that He shows us the answer. Or, if it could be shown that the nature of perceived colours is (probably) due entirely to their use by evolved brains, then we might learn enough empirically to (scientifically) know the answer. And so forth. All very speculative, but I’ve noticed that whereas orange is quite like red (e.g. orange dyes often look red), green is relatively unlike blue. So if there are those who find green and blue to be more similar than orange and red, then perhaps their red is my blue. That is, an increased likelihood of their red being my blue might be deduced, especially if they also find red rather than blue to be more like grey. If your red was my blue then you might think that dark yellow was orange rather than green (whereas I see that as a golden green). (And ain’t it odd that adding blue to yellow is like adding grey to yellow, whereas adding blue to white makes it look whiter?)

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Anonymous said...

i understand it and find it all highly fasinating. Yes we could never look into someone elses vison at least not yet. But if in the future we can look into others vision will we be able to see other peoples thoughts