Wednesday, October 24, 2007

B = ?

Do the characters in my dreams have beliefs and intentions? They do in general, but do I myself also have them as protagonist in my dream?
I'm glancing at Sosa's A Virtue Epistemology, as he's going to be in Edinburgh next month, and I'm already at sea by page 3 ("They do in general") coz surely only conscious entities can have beliefs. Of course, we might ascribe beliefs to anything (e.g. to thermostats), sometimes falsely (thermostats surely don't believe anything) but maybe infallibly (more or less) when it comes to the characters in our own dreams, and certainly fictional characters might fictionally (if not really) have them, so maybe that's what Sosa has in mind (?)

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Joel said...

You responded the way I would have. I would have said that whether they do or dont, you ascribe intentions to them, which doesn't necessitate them actually having them.