Thursday, November 08, 2007

Metaphysical Mathematics

From last night's talk, it seems that practical authority (the authority to command) must always be rational (absurd commands carry no authority) and moral (immoral commands carry no authority); which makes me wonder about the extreme case, of God's authority. Our Creator would presumably, as the author of Creation (if that's what this is), have complete authority (epistemic and practial), and accepting God's authority does seem to amount to accepting God's view of morality; but less clear (and important, fortunately:) is what happens to rationality—e.g. could God be above 1 + 1 = 2?
......What if our conception of arithmetic is based upon a concept of (logical) object that, despite working fine within a limited Creation, is incoherent as a whole (cf. how electrons don't add up)? Not only would the Trinity then make more sense, such would hardly be an unlikely product of natural evolution; and furthermore the results of our researches into the nature of number hardly tell against this conjecture—about the only thing that does (aside from vague intuitions that we instantiate logical objects) is our inability to think rationally without presupposing arithmetic (or that we have free will:)

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