Sunday, February 03, 2008

The Odyssey Theodicy

I've renamed my theodicy as above (see that link: but basically, the acceptability of this world's evils follows from our volunteering, in a previous, more heavenly life, for these lives, which are worthwhile because of a divine purpose which is a plausible possibility given open theism) because I love repetitive syntax in titles, but also because the Odyssey connotes how our souls volunteered, for these dangerous (morally and physically) incarnations, because (we're brave and) being here, so remote (epistemically) from the Heaven where we belong (and long to be), creates a certain sensitivity (as below) to the divine, thereby enabling the transcendental possibility of other Creators (of which there may well be none) to be investigated scientifically.
......Because our dreams are human-made they are (in themselves, like our thoughts) further from our Creator even than the Earth, but they're also (in consequence) a way for us to express our deepest longings (and they're akin to that other stuff that godlike creatures can create, music). They're also (by design) the natural medium though which God (and the gods) can
communicate with us personally (facilitating the aforementioned sensitivity). And to keep us safe (and on track) God also intervenes in the wider world, causing the great transformation of science, monotheism, history and literature (e.g. the tales of the travails of the traveller Odysseus, inspiring dreams which might appear, to an overseeing god, like so many slightly charged particles, arranged in arrays precisely tuned to such fields as a greater charge might generate), and more recently the incarnation of God as Jesus.

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