Thursday, June 19, 2008

Is there a question?

Is it the job of analytic metaphysicians, to put back the pictures that the axiomatic mathematicians remove from our scientific descriptions of reality; and if not, why not?


Jeff said...

Perhaps I'm ignorant around the job of an axiomatic mathematician, but it's hard for me to imagine a description of the world that was only mathematical.
This is rather a trivial point on the surface, but I think it will serve:
A scientific description, at the bare minimum would require units to have any real value; these units wouldn't belong to a mathemiticians domain.
It would seem rather self-defeating for mathematicians to even look at there mission as one where they are attempting to take the pictures out.
The end result might be a mathematics that is incredibly consistent and complex but it would be so decontextualized it would be without value.
(This is not to say they aren't embarked on this project: it's just to say that it would be foolish if they were)

Enigman said...

Hmm... they don't see themselves as taking the pictures out; they just remove inapposite subjectivity very ineptly, I think.