Friday, June 20, 2008

Travels = Travails

I'm Back in England for the Summer (except for Aberdeen next month) but all I'm doing is rewriting my response to Mawson and having deep thoughts... News Flash: I'll be hosting the best Carnival in the world wide web next month too (it needs doing hint hint and it's fun to play god :)


jeff said...

Is that Aberdeen, Maryland, in the US? (Don't you normally reside in England? Or are you studying elsewhere?)
Have fufilling & safe travels!!!

Enigman said...

I was in Glasgow last year, so it's Aberdeen, Scotland, in the UK. There's an England/Britain thing, worse than the USA/America thing. Children in England often use them synonymously to begin with.

There's the UK, the British Isles, Britain and Great Britain, or GB. And then there's England alongside with Scotland, Wales and so on. Even though I'm old, I'm not sure which of the former group include Northern Ireland.